Launching India's First Hybrid Program : Foundation Series, starting August 2023. Every batch to consist of only 10 handpicked outstanding candidates.

We want to discover your true potential to achieve something remarkable. Our application process is not just a formality, but a way for us to get to know you better and assess your skills and abilities. We engage with you throughout the process, ensuring that it is tailored to your goals and needs, as well as as keeping it challenging and comprehensive.

Eligibility Criterion


We encourage students from science background to apply. Programming vertical can be attended by students from any stream.


It is ideal to have a passion in science and an open mind to work in collaboration

Key Admission Sections:

Personality Assessment

20 minute online exercises to help us understand your true (& maybe hidden yet) potential. No preparation is needed for this.

Suplimentary Achievements

Feel free to submit (if you have), lifetime scores from any of the exams. Don’t worry if you don’t have or feel your scores are not competitive enough. Our process is designed to be holistic to know the real you.


One essay of not more than 500 words that explains that one thing which you are most proud of and Why ?

Admissions Process


Online Application - Who Are You?

  • Personal details
  • Professional details
  • SOP < 500 words
  • One page Resume
  • Personality Assessment -
    20 minutes online personality assesment (No preparation needed.)
  • Supplemental Achievements


How Do We Fit In Your Journey?

This will help us better understand your aspirations, and the value you can bring to the your peers . Shortlisted candidates will be invited for an in-person interview